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NDG Championships

13th October 2024                                     Myerscough International Arena

The NDG Championship is held annually in October, with tests from Intro to Advanced Medium (including Freestyle). Winners can expect sashes, rugs and many other prizes from our generous sponsors.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for our championships you must:

  · Be a fully paid member

  · Compete at a minimum of two different NDG club shows

  · Get 60% or more twice at the level you wish to do the Championships at.

Qualification runs from November to September.

New for 2024 - 2 Novice Champs

After our success of holding two Preliminary Championships, this year we will be splitting the Novice Championships as well. This means there will be a Novice A championship and a Novice B championship (both in long arenas).


Each Novice class will only qualify for its corresponding championships (i.e. you will need two +60% scores in Novice A classes to do the Novice A championship, and the same for Novice B).

Emma Elliott
Arena Walks

As the arena will be fully dressed, there may be arena walks if time allows. These will be posted with the times.


If time allows, presentations may be mounted.


All entries via Horse Monkey.

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