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All you need to know for 2024!

What are Teams?

NDG is affiliated with British Riding Clubs, within Area 3 (North West). Every year BRC hold a number of National Championships for affiliated clubs across a wide range of disciplines. To qualify for these, Area 3 hold qualifiers throughout the year where NDG compete against the other Area 3 clubs. At most of these competitions we compete as part of a team – but at all you are given the opportunity to represent NDG.

Help Rota for Teams

Area qualifiers take a lot of volunteers to run, so NDG must provide three volunteers for each qualifier that we enter. We expect our team riders to help as much as they are able. If we are lucky enough to qualify for a Championship, we have to provide a volunteer per team competing at the Championship. This will be shared amongst the competing team.

Who can compete?

NDG encourages all its members to volunteer for Team qualifiers, so we have only the following requirements: •For dressage, you must be out competing at the level you wish to ride at and getting at least 60% regularly. This can be at unaffiliated, NDG competitions or BD. •For jumping, ideally you need to be training and out competing at the height you wish to ride at. For Horse Trials, you need to have done at least one HT at the specific height and show a safe record across country. At 70cm first timers allowed if can show training over sj/xc at this height. As team managers, we have to make sure our riders and horses are fit and ok to compete, so we may change these requirements if it becomes necessary. Criteria and rules for each level of jumping are in the current BRC rule book. See link in 'More Information'. You must be a fully paid member and your horse’s vaccinations must be complete and correct.

More Information

All current qualifiers are listed below, with specific details on each. Each qualifier has its own eligibility requirements and rules, as well as being governed by BRC rules. All of these are available to read in the BRC Handbook – link We will upload the schedules as they become available – we ask for interest on the NDG Facebook page ahead of entries, so keep your eyes peeled there as well as here. If you want any more information contact the relevant Team Manager •For all dressage events – Hilary Secker •For all jumping (including Combined Training) – Alan Goodenough

Forthcoming Team Events

Foxy at Champs_edited.jpg
Show Jumping &
Style Jumping

8th June 2024

Bold Heath

Schedule to follow

Team Manager:  Alan Goodenough

Janet indoor SJ_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Combined Challenge &
Combined Training

24th August 2024

Bold Heath

Schedule to follow

Team Manager:  Alan Goodenough

XC 2023 2_edited.jpg
Horse Trials

6th July 2024

Smallwood Livery Centre, Sandbach

Schedule to follow

Team Manager:  Alan Goodenough

Dressage & Riding Test

27th July 2024

Bold Heath

Schedule to follow

Team Manager:  Hilary Secker

National Championships

All these Area 3 qualifiers will send winning Teams and highest Individuals to the relevant BRC National Finals.

Your Team Manager will get an official notification to confirm who qualifies - so its important to look at the dates of the finals to makes sure you can go.

NDG supports our riders and handles all the entries and stable bookings. Some financial help may be available.

You must be a fully paid, current member and your horse's vaccinations must be complete and correct.

For more information about BRC Championships, click HERE.         Click HERE for Area 3 (NLG) Website 

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